Courgette and Roquefort Souffle

Courgette and Roquefort Soufflefeatured

Going vegetarian with this courgette and Roquefort souffle recipe was never on our to do list. There are times when we have a taste for foods we wouldn’t normally have and we had the munchies for some blue cheese. So we bought some Roquefort and crackers to satisfy our craving. However you can have too Read more

Returning to Study Nutritional Therapy

Returning to Study Nutritional Therapyfeatured

Preparing to Returning to Study Although I’m feeling anxious, I am looking forward to returning to study for Year Two of my Nutritional Therapy Diploma with ION. Recently I’ve been going back to the lecture notes from Year One of the Nutritional Therapy course. This has been partly to re-learn in preparation for returning to Read more

Green Breakfast Smoothie

Green Breakfast Smoothiefeatured

It has been a long time since I posted on Nutrition Nurture and since the last time, lots of life changes have happened. This includes taking a year out from studying for the Nutritional Therapy Diploma. However, things are back on track. Although my diet more often than not took a bit of a nosedive Read more

Adopting a Vegetarian Diet

Adopting a Vegetarian Dietfeatured

Recently we’ve adapted even more of a vegetarian diet. Why? Well, a couple of weeks ago, Charlie came home and said ‘Mum I think I’m going to become a vegetarian’. Cautiously I replied…Okay. Being a mother and having watched with great angst as she tucked into unhealthy food choices over the years, it was a Read more