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Welcome To Nutrition Nurture and Thank You for wanting to find out more.

I’m Shirly and I love my food!

Why did I start this blog?

With today’s busy lifestyles and plentiful availability of food, it’s easy to resort to convenience foods instead of preparing meals from scratch. I’m guilty of doing the same when life gets really busy! But it’s not the norm. It amazes me, that a lot of people are unaware of how their food choices affects their health.

Midwifery Advice On Pregnancy Nutrition

Having been a Midwife for over ten years, I’ve met many couples who have little idea how their diet affects their health and their future child’s health. It seems a lot of people only ever think about the effects of healthy food choices, once they are trying for a baby or are already pregnant. In all honesty, I didn’t think about this when I was pregnant either, but that was over twenty years ago.

Gaining Knowledge To Support Couples Prepare for Pregnancy

My Midwifery training provided little information about providing pregnancy nutrition. I know that NHS Pregnancy Guidelines provide some information. But the nutritional advice I’d been able to give is similar to that of the NHS Guidelines. I was frustrated that I couldn’t provide more information for women in my antenatal clinic on topics such as;

* Morning sickness
* Food cravings
* How a healthy pregnancy diet protects their future child’s health
* What foods to avoid during pregnancy

This was my inspiration to learn more about nutrition. I’m now in the final year of a Nutritional Therapy Diploma course and I’m looking forward to supporting women and their partners achieve optimal health in preparation for pregnancy and beyond.

My Health Journey

I’ve had digestive issues since my early twenties, when I noticed pasta gave me bloating and constipation. I thought it was just the effect of pasta and I never made the link to my childhood health history.

In my early teenage years, I had what was initially thought by doctors’ to be mumps behind my right ear. But the lump never went down, until it was surgically drained under general anaesthetic.

All was well, so we all thought. But the lump used to get inflamed two to three times per year until I was nineteen years old. After that, it got inflamed yearly or when I was really stressed. Each time, I was given antibiotics to bring the inflammation back down again.

Little did I know how the antibiotics was affecting my gastrointestinal tract (GIT) flora. I thought my digestive bloating was just down to pasta (gluten foods), which it may well be. But my new found knowledge leads me to believe that long-term antibiotic use may have left lasting effects.

Dysfunctional GIT and Development of Autoimmune Condition

My early twenties also brought with it the development of what I now know as autoimmune conditions. I was diagnosed with psoriasis, eczema and asthma in my early twenties. My dad had ‘flaky scalp and ears’ and I thought I’d just inherited his ‘flaky’ condition. He didn’t have asthma.

There’s obviously genetic influences, but I now know that my dysfunctional GIT tract may have played a role in triggering my autoimmune conditions.

Healing My Digestive Issues

I’ve still got a long way to heal the damage that antibiotics may have created. But at least now I know where to start and how to support heal my digestive issues.

Coping With Peri-Menopausal Symptoms

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit and eating a healthy diet. I’m very grateful for my parents for giving me the genes to look younger than my age. But having the genes to look younger doesn’t mean I can get away with eating junk and taking my health for granted. Having hit the age of 5-0 and the magical age of change as my GP puts it, I know that maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level is even more important now. Prevention is always better than cure.

For the past three years I’ve been having sleepless nights. Sometimes I could go for nearly two weeks without a full night’s sleep. My moods have also been hellish for me and my partner, Mr G. Luckily he’s very understanding.

However, I’ve had to learn how to cope with my peri-menopausal symptoms. Again this is a work in progress and I’m hoping to support women with my NT knowledge when I qualify.

I believe we don’t have to go to extremes to get fit and healthy. I’ve come to accept that food is about enjoyment as well as nutrition. Yes I eat meat, but with plenty of plant based foods too.

Now and again I fall off the wagon and indulge in junk food. Mr G and I also indulge in vino and or G&T now and again. It’s all about balance. So most of the time I zig, but I’m not scared to admit that I also zag!

I believe we can have greater control of our health through the foods we eat and keeping active, starting with just a few tweaks. I want to share my experiences with you and show you that you too can do the same.

Here, you will discover recipes which I’ve made, along with photos that I’ve taken. This allows me to indulge in my passion for photography. I hope you will enjoy this developing passion of mine, as much as learning about nutrition.

So join me and may you have as much fun and interest in learning about this subject as I will.