Strawberry Picking

Strawberry Picking

Welcome To Nutrition Nurture and Thank You for wanting to find out more.

I’m Shirly and I love my food!

Why did I start this blog?

With today’s busy lifestyles and plentiful availability, it’s easy to resort to convenience foods instead of preparing meals from scratch. It amazes me that a lot of people are unaware of how their choice of foods affects their life.

Having been a Midwife for 9 years, I’ve met many women and their partners who have no idea how their diet affects their health. It seems a lot of people only ever think about the effects of nutrition on their health, once they are trying for a baby or are already pregnant. This was the inspiration to learn more about nutrition.

Although I’ve had some digestive issues which troubles me now and again, I haven’t got an illness or weight related issues. My aim for this blog is to share my experiences and my learning about Nutrition with you.

Coming from a Filipino background, I was brought up on healthy, home cooked meals. I love food and enjoy what I eat. I love my rice, pansit and adobo…and hot cooked food! But with a busy lifestyle and working whilst taking care of the family, I know how easy it is to take the route of least resistance and opt for convenience foods.

I’ve always enjoyed keeping fit and eating a healthy diet. I’m very grateful for my parents for giving me the genes to look younger than my age. But having the genes to look younger doesn’t mean I can get away with eating junk and taking my health for granted. Having hit the age of 4-8 and ever closer to the magical age of change as my GP puts it, I know that maintaining a healthy weight and fitness level is even more important now. Prevention is always better than cure.

I’ve learnt that sarcopenia or lose of muscle mass, occurs as we age. This means it’s easier to put weight on, along with associated effects of muscle loss and strength. But do we really have to completely succumb to the middle age spread without a fight? I think not. I believe that through eating a nutrient rich diet, we can maintain our health and fitness, minimising the effects of muscle loss and strength.

However, I’ve always been wary of total fanatics and believe we don’t have to go to extremes to get fit and healthy. I’ve come to accept that food is about enjoyment as well as nutrition. Yes I eat meat, but with plenty of plant based foods too.

Now and again I fall off the wagon and indulge in something junkie. It’s all about balance. So most of the time I zig, but I’m not scared to admit that I also zag!

I believe we can have greater control of our health through the foods we eat and keeping active, starting with just a few tweaks. I want to share my experiences with you and show you that you too can do the same.

Now and again I will post something related to the childbearing years, after all I have many years experience working in maternity.

You will also discover recipes here which I’ve made, along with photos which are taken by me. This allows me to indulge in my passion for photography. I hope you will enjoy this developing passion of mine, as much as learning about nutrition.

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Elle – We Own the Night Run 2013

So join me and may you have as much fun and interest in learning about this subject as I will.