Time Out From Daily Routine is Important for Self-Care and Increased Creativity

Time Out From Daily Routine is Important for Self-Care and Increased Creativityfeatured

This weekend we’ll be taking some time out from the day to day routine of life.

Since the beginning of the year, Mr G and I have been busy in our jobs and together. His work has become a lot busier since last year and I’ve started Year Three of the course. We both get up pretty much at the same time and we travel into London a few weekends in the month.

This routine of constant busyness takes its toll and we’re ready to take a well-earned rest.

Taking time out doesn’t necessarily mean not doing anything. It just means taking a break from the daily pressures.

Our Plan For Time Out From Our Day To Day Routine

Mr G was away last night due to work, so this evening we won’t be doing much apart from sitting in front of the television and catching up with a well-earned glass of vino. Just because I’m learning about nutrition doesn’t mean we can’t have a glass of vino now and again. All in moderation, I say. This is the beginnings of a period of not engaging the brain.

We often work at home a lot of weekends and this can be disheartening.

So it will be good not to have to read research papers, think about how to translate information into layman’s language and not to have to face spending a weekend on putting together a 2000 words report on interpretation of test results or some other complicated topic!!

Come Saturday we plan to have a leisurely lie in, before going into town to stroll around the Winchester Christmas market and get our supplies for the rest of the weekend. It’s that time of year where roast is in order and we haven’t had a roast in a while, namely cause we’re always busy to bother or we’re never at home during the weekend.

Sunday always has an element of preparing for getting back into the daily routine for the following week. At least the time off will give us a chance to catch up on sleep, domestics and time with each other.

How Can You Incorporate a Daily Time Out Routine?

You don’t have to always put time aside for taking time out. You can try and and incorporate it into your daily routine. It also does not have to be complicated or expensive. How about;

Meditating for a few minutes per day
Enjoying a walk in the park or nature
A Yoga session
Stretching routine
Going for a run
Reading a book or magazine
Taking a bath
Catching up with friends or family
Sitting in silence
Clearing clutter
Writing a letter to a distant friend/family member
Clearing things you no longer use and donating them to charity
Creating a vision board (one for us this weekend)
Exploring a new hobby
Baking a cake
Planning a future holiday, project, goals

How Can Time Out Help with Creativity?

I haven’t got a science based evidence to back it up, but I find that taking time out gives me time away from whatever is troubling me.

Doing something else, be it ironing, taking a bath or shower, cleaning or anything that doesn’t need intellectual or mental energy, tends to help bring up solutions to whatever I’m trying to understand.

I’ve had great insights about how to tackle an assignment, at times when I’m waking up from sleep or when I’m not concentrating about anything in particular.

Unfortunately I go through periods when I wake up during the night and although I feel rubbish the next day, I find it’s a great time for creative solutions. The perimenopause has it’s benefits I guess.

These are a few ideas that may encourage you to take a bit of time out. What do you do to take time out from your usual routine?

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Being a Midwife and an awareness of my own long-term health initiated my interest in Nutritional Therapy. This is my journey to vibrant health and vitality.

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