Motivation is Needed Even if You Love What You’re Doing

Motivation is Needed Even if You Love What You’re Doingfeatured

Motivation? What’s that then? Today I’m really feeling a bit down on the whole learning about nutrition thing.

Last week I was on a positive drive to get through the next assignment. I’d already printed out lots of research material which I feel would help me write the assignment. I was prepared to do some reading this week and start putting a few paragraphs together.

Towards the end of last week, we got emails from the tutors to say we have some reading and group work to do, prior to this weekend’s lectures. Aaaaarrrgghhh! As if we didn’t have enough to do already!

Yep, I know I’m ranting. But I can’t help but feel that we students need a breather from the work being thrown in our way. After all, this is meant to be a part-time course. I’m lucky that I work part-time, but I really could do without spending my days off and weekends working on assignments all the time.

So today I feel a bit deflated and lacking motivation to do any work at all. All I want to do is read an unrelated magazine and tune my brain out of having to absorb research information.

Working Too Hard Can Be Counterproductive to Motivation

To break away from the seriousness of research papers, I thought I’d indulge in something different…like fb. It’s funny how life takes unexpected turns.

There was a suggested video on my fb page on the ‘Mindset Behind Success’. The video basically talks about the ‘Law of Attraction’.

LOA as it’s also called by, can be a bit woo woo for some people.

The basic premise is that what you are, you will attract to you. If you’re negative, you’ll attract negative circumstances. If you’re positive, you’ll attract positive circumstances.

Last week I felt great and it was easy to be positive. This is PMS week and it’s always a time when mental clarity and being positive is a challenge. Things become harder to comprehend. It’s easier to feel like a failure and I don’t know how I’m going to do everything that I’m expected to. Life gets really overwhelming.

However the video has made me realise that, just because I’m feeling hormonal doesn’t mean that I won’t succeed and that I should just give up.

What we get in our life, begins with HOW WE CHOOSE to think.

It would be so easy to let overwhelm get the better of me and lead me to the downward spiral of thinking and feeling that I won’t be able to cope. But I know I can cope.

Choosing to Think Positively Can Be Sufficient to get Your Motivation Moving

Imagining myself qualified and having greater control over the direction of my career is sufficient to get myself motivated again. The situation hasn’t changed much since writing this.

I still don’t feel in the right frame of mind, but it has given me the mindset to focus on reading things that are not so mentally taxing. This will at least keep the momentum of working towards finishing the assignment and not totally wasting the time I have.

What do you do to keep your motivation going when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

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