Essay Writing Skills in Nutritional Therapy is a Must

Essay Writing Skills in Nutritional Therapy is a Mustfeatured

Much like geography, I’ve come to realise that essay writing is not one of my greatest skills. If you think the topic of nutritional therapy is all about fresh fruit and vegetables, you can think again.

I know it’s been months since I updated this blog. Since I started Year Two of the course, I have been buried under endless essay writing assignments. I have to admit, that I don’t think I’m very good at showing the markers my train of thinking when it comes to answering the assignments.

Prepare Your Essay Writing and Start Reading and Researching Early

I have reflected on my strategy though and I know part of my problem is not starting my research and reading early enough. You never realise how much background reading you have to do, until you really focus on getting the assignment done. When I say reading, I mean reading research materials, books and trusted websites. A normal Google search will not be sufficient for evidence based practice. I also never planned on paper. I knew in my head what I wanted and needed to write about. But obviously our heads are full of information, useful, crap and otherwise. So my train of thought never followed the plan.

This time round, I planned…or at least I wrote down a skeleton of a plan.

It’s Like Doing a Degree!

It feels like I’m doing my Midwifery degree again! If you ever wonder how intensive the course is, let me tell you straight. It is like doing my Midwifery degree. However, what would have been a clinical placement of a 37 hours week in labour ward, antenatal clinic or community, on top of assignments, takes place in real life. In your real job. This is meant to be a part-time diploma! It’s not and you need to put in lots of time. Lucky for me, Mr G enables me to only work two days per week. Big smile!

Using Credible Resources

So back to essay writing. I was late handing in my previous assignment. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hand in on time…and it didn’t count towards the final mark. So I thought, I might as well do it properly and take my time instead of rushing. I was only three days late handing in mind you, as I didn’t want to eat into the time I had for the next assignment.

The assignment we handed in at the beginning of this week, was a different matter. I started my reading as soon as I handed in the late one. The assignment was about Biochemical Imbalances. So I read the book on the subject matter. Then I read further in my Functional Medicine book. Then I used the databases I have access to, to look for research papers on the different biochemical imbalances the person in the case study might be affected by. Primary research material is the most preferred sources to back up you ideas.

YouTube has also become my friend and I also scoured the site for tips on how to write a discussion essay. I don’t like arguments (discussion) at the best of times, I like it even less in the form of an esssay! YouTube is a great resource if you want to find something out, without having to do the reading. You can’t use it as reference to your work though.

We won’t get the results for a couple of weeks, so hopefully my marks will reflect the work I’ve put in. What essay writing tips do you have?

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Being a Midwife and an awareness of my own long-term health initiated my interest in Nutritional Therapy. This is my journey to vibrant health and vitality.

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