Becoming a Nutrition Specialist

Becoming a Nutrition Specialistfeatured

Yesterday I made the commitment to become a nutrition specialist and paid my deposit to continue into Year Two of the Nutritional Therapy Diploma.

Becoming a Nutrition Specialist takes Passion and Dedication

I told my daughter about my plans and I think she was more pleased than I am. Okay, I am pleased too. However the excitement of getting back to studying isn’t all excitement.

There’s a great degree of anxiety.

I’d already talked about my feelings about going back to study. But now that I’ve paid up, the reality of my commitment is no longer a distant thing to think about.

Strategic Planning

I’m already getting the jitters about planning my days and weekends. I’m lucky enough that I work part-time and use some of my current free-time blogging. However once the course begins, it will take focus and perseverance to knuckle down and to the studying needed to pass the course.

I want to be my own boss and be in charge of my working life, not just spend the rest of my life working for someone else.

The ability to support women and others’ who may need nutritional specialist skills and knowledge is also my fuel to get through and qualify.

For now, it’s a case of getting back to the books and reviewing Year One notes.

Here’s to my new career!

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Being a Midwife and an awareness of my own long-term health initiated my interest in Nutritional Therapy. This is my journey to vibrant health and vitality.

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