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Purple Kalefeatured

I’m steadily increasing my diet to be more plant based and if you’re like me, the thought of endless chewing can seem daunting. Hence making purple kale juice with other vegetables is a way that I like to get the benefits of this vegetable. As you know I went to the Marylebone Farmers Market on Read more

The Reality of Studying Nutritional Therapy Diploma

The Reality of Studying Nutritional Therapy Diplomafeatured

So my Nutritional Therapy Diploma course has began in earnest at the weekend. Thursday was also my official last day at work. However it was a pretty hectic and busy week, so by Friday I was pretty exhausted and brain dead. Unfortunately this meant I wasn’t able to concentrate on any reading in preparation for Read more


Breast Changesfeatured

Whether you’re a man or a woman, do you check for breast changes? Yes I did say man. Surprised? I was too. But one of the questions I ask women and their partner’s during a booking history, is whether either side of the couple’s immediate family have a medical history we should know about. Last Read more

Nutrition Therapy Reading List

Nutrition Therapy Reading Listfeatured

So here’s my nutrition therapy reading list. Last week I went to a bookshop in London and invested a decent amount of £’s to buy the books on the nutrition therapy reading list as recommended. I’m a bit finicky…I like to have my own copies as and when I need them. Nutrition Therapy Reading List Read more