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Self Nurture

Self Nurturefeatured

Learning to self nurture is just as important as nurturing others. The other day I tweeted how tiring it is working long days as a Midwife. My first appointment of the day was at 8.30 a.m and my last was at 17.30, which is a two hours booking. My day was completed doing admin for Read more


Science Access Coursefeatured

Yesterday I completed the ION Science Access Course. Luckily because of my Midwifery degree which for obvious reasons included a lot of A&P, I didn’t have to do the last module (A&P) in the Science Access Course. I did however work pretty hard for the course. I felt strongly that I had to do the Read more

Nori Breakfast Roll

Nori Breakfast Rollfeatured

A Nori breakfast roll can be a healthy alternative to breakfast A healthy breakfast, as most people will tell you is an important meal of the day. During the night your body fasts and it’s important that you have something healthy to refuel it after several hours of fasting. I was awake pretty early this Read more


Fallen Off The Wagonfeatured

Okay, I’ve fallen off the wagon. What do I mean? As you can probably notice I haven’t blogged since April, when I talked about my effort of reducing my consumption of meat. Well I’m here to tell you that I have not been the epitome of perfection and I have truly fallen off the wagon Read more