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Giving Up Meat

Giving Up Meatfeatured

Giving up meat is going to be a major challenge I think. The first few day’s into my raw food journey I had very little meat. On some days I didn’t have any meat at all. With Charlie being out a lot, I was able to eat what I wished and giving up meat on Read more


Books to Help with Raw Food Journeyfeatured

Books are so far my main source of information about Raw Food. Being new to raw food diet, I need some inspiration. I’ve become bored of the obvious salads and greens, so I need to get more creative in the foods I eat. Otherwise I know I’ll get bored and may revert back to my Read more


ION Chemistry Science Access Coursefeatured

Science Access Course passed…check. You will be pleased to know that I passed the Chemistry module of the Institute for Optimum Nutrition – ION Science Access course. The Chemistry part of the science access course was what I was most concerned about, as I dropped the subject in secondary school…as in all honesty…I just didn’t Read more


Healthy Dietfeatured

For the past week I’ve tried to keep to a healthy diet, mainly plant based. However I’m finding it a challenge keeping to this way of eating when other members of my family are not so keen. I don’t want to be a party pooper, but I also find it hard resisting eating the same Read more