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Vegetable Curryfeatured

The other day I made a vegetable curry. I work ¬†long days and on those days I don’t normally have time to cook when I get home. So I tend to cook a large batch of food which I can have over the couple of days I’d be working 12.5 hour shifts. The vegetable curry Read more


Running to Support a Healthy Dietfeatured

Running is my main exercise. I used to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. But since running outside, I’ve found treadmills really boring. Why have I added a post on running? We’ll lots of people think that being healthy is about eating less. I really can’t believe how people can’t equate the Read more

Science Access Course

Science Access Coursefeatured

So I started the Science Access Course to enable me to enter for the September 2014 enrolment of the Institute of Nutrition’s Nutritional Therapy Diploma Course. On Sunday, I completed the second assessed test which I passed at 60% mark. I am enjoying the Science Access Course, but I can tell you that if you Read more